A Compiler Compiler for the Entire Class of Context-Free Languages

Welcome to Accent, a modern compiler compiler that can process all grammars without any restriction.

No knowledge of parsing technology is required; grammars can be used directly without adapting them to a particular parsing technique. There is no struggling against shift/reduce conflicts as known from Yacc and no rewriting of left-recursive rules as it is required for LL(k) parsers.

Accent is in use in industrial projects, especially where languages are implemented that are defined by complex standard documents and grammars that cannot be processed by traditional systems.

Accent can be used in the style of Yacc, i.e. you provide a grammar and add semantic actions. However, Accent also supports the Extended Backus Naur Form, and there are no restrictions on where to place semantic actions. Like Yacc, Accent cooperates with Lex.

Accent is Open Source Software. Commercial support is available from Metarga GmbH.


ACCENT, A Compiler Compiler for the Entire Class of Context-free Languages
ENTIRE, A Generic Parser for the Entire Class of Context-free Languages
AMBER, An Ambiguity Checker for Context-free Grammars